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Meet Jason

Jason is the founder, owner and craftsman behind everything you see on this website. It all started as a woodworking hobby in high school and progressed to friends and family asking "hey can you make me this?". After learning the craft by watching thousands of hours of Youtube videos and a lot of trial and error, Jason eventually started to convince others to pay him to make things. Under the watchful supervision of his son 3 year old son Owen, the passion has turned into a small family business just outside of London Ontario Canada.


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Locally Sourced

We believe in using top quality wood, all of which is sourced from local suppliers in southern Ontario. The vast majority of our products are constructed using hardwoods, typically walnut and maple. While hardwood is more expensive than softwood, it is also considerably more durable, and in our opinion, much more beautiful.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

P.O. Box 51

Thorndale, Ontario Canada

N0M 2P0

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